Our Heritage

In the year of 2012, it was a time of sport and change for many of us. Being close to the Olympics gave us a feeling of hope and "can do" attitude. At the time, our founders Simon and Steven thought it might be a good idea to finally take a Creative Director and an Industry Leading Developer and put their brains and talent together to form as one force.

We founded Big Mallet on equal principles of the highest standards of digital design verses cutting edge technology, bolstered by our love and passion for using Drupal to power both. There was a feeling between Simon and Steven at the time that there really was a vacuum of talented Drupal developers and digital designers who truly understood how to make the best of the technology available.

Since our creation we have built hundreds of Drupal websites, digital platforms, and complex Integrations in both the charity and commercial sector. We aspire to be one of the leading Drupal digital agencies in the UK, and we are proud that both Simon and Steven take a hands on lead driving our talented team to carry the same principles that we were founded on.

And why Big Mallet? The idea was born from the approach we take to our work: no digital waffle, technical facts only, go create, get it done.

Make it happen

Simon and Steve

Our pride is in our absolute support and our genuine relationships

The ability to really listen to our clients is so crucial for providing our unique service for a number of reasons, the most important being that we have your back in terms of your long term objectives, or your immediate and sometimes urgent needs. Either way, you can pick up the phone and talk to a person you know and trust.

The agency


No waffle guarantee


Client events per year


Owned by human beings


Incredible team mates

Call to action

People have been working the way we do for hundreds of years - craftsmen and women showcasing their skill, sharing their ideas, thoughts, and creativity. The only difference with us is that we use digital as our material, the code as our anvil, and people as our output.

We call this The Workshop

Our work mates

  • We work with Drupal in an every day context. We are in constant contact with the community of over 3.6 million members and readily contribute to Drupal technical forums. We are proud to be Drupal Association members and make the annual trip to Drupalcon and Drupal hack in London. We love it!

  • Clockwork Pie is by far our best friend. Working with Clockwork Pie we are able to fully get to grips with an organisations digital strategy and digital objectives. Clockwork Pie is also part of the Big Mallet group and we have an invested interest in their agency and in turn we can help them build anything they want digitally.

  • They believe it's not just what you do but how you do it. Users trust HA247 because they do what they say -
    High Availablility 24-7.