The Workshop

We have pioneered an energetic multi-platform design and concept development service, created to help develop innovative communications that accomplish their goals. We focus on an open and energetic exchange of ideas, experience, and expertise to create ground-breaking solutions that get results.

It all starts with talking about what you do

We learn from conversations with stakeholders to determine your goals and objectives. The workshop exists to offer you the tools and expertise needed to create results, driven by compelling digital communications that meet your business needs and connect with your audience.

Phase one

Development and strategy

Using our workshop approach, our creative director and team will work collaboratively with you and your stakeholders to identify your digital objectives and put together a holistic project plan.

Phase two


Now for the fun part! This is where we sit down together with you to live design your digital concept in a dynamic and relaxed workshop setting. Through our unique workshop approach we like to empower you to get creative and collaborative.

Phase three


Our technical team will work to produce content frame-works as early as possible. We typically find content is on a critical path, so we ensure content population can start at the earliest opportunity.

Phase four


We'll use comprehensive cross-browser testing, user testing, and performance testing to make sure everything is ready to go.

Phase five


Provision as laid out in our support section, with additional support available as an add-on at any time.

The Essentials


sales people


Straight talkers


Lunch options discovered per week


Forced fun average

Call to action

We are completely open in our process which means you have complete overview of your project and ensures our craftsmanship, ethical practice, and consistent quality. We encourage our clients to take advantage of our open door policy and drop by the studio to catch up on a project or to chat about ideas for the future.

Find out about Our ethos

Our work mates

  • We work with Drupal in an every day context. We are in constant contact with the community of over 3.6 million members and readily contribute to Drupal technical forums. We are proud to be Drupal Association members and make the annual trip to Drupalcon and Drupal hack in London. We love it!

  • Clockwork Pie is by far our best friend. Working with Clockwork Pie we are able to fully get to grips with an organisations digital strategy and digital objectives. Clockwork Pie is also part of the Big Mallet group and we have an invested interest in their agency and in turn we can help them build anything they want digitally.

  • They believe it's not just what you do but how you do it. Users trust HA247 because they do what they say -
    High Availablility 24-7.