Our pride is in our absolute support and genuine relationships

Our team of Malleteers have been hand picked through various Hunger Games inspired tests. Through this we have assembled a digital force to take on the most complex of challenges. Both young and old, we believe in a diverse mix of wonderful human beings and experts in their field.

The team

  • Simon Applebaum

    Simon has been a developer since before the Internet was invented, which has given him an almost superhuman affinity with the web. When not immersed in the matrix, he plays the piano and loves eating good food that someone else has cooked. Love interests include Drupal and Marvel.

  • Essential skills

    Fear 10%
    Commonsense 100%
    Hair 10%
    Approachability 80%
    Experience 100%
    Wisdom 80%
  • Technical director

  • Steve Ramsay

    Steven, the creative genius, loves anything that is old and has character including his Mad Max style phone. He has worked for too many agencies to name, so now just likes to talk about this one. Steven unwinds by making things out of stuff, most recently his kitchen, which is made out of old rafters from his neighbour's demolished house.

  • Essential skills

    Weirdness 100%
    Creativity 90%
    Love 80%
    Digitalness 70%
    Peopleness 90%
    Experience 70%
  • Julie Allen

    Julie is our project management supremo. Her passions include preventing waffling, de-clunkifying and simplifying websites; a role that is definitely helped by her black belt in karate. Bilingual in English and Geordie, she would love to work on the Children In Need site one day as she adores Pudsey Bear.

  • Essential skills

    Leadership 80%
    Honesty 100%
    Techiness 60%
    Efficiency 70%
    Motivation 100%
    Realness 80%
  • Technical Project Manager

  • Sacha Harmsworth

    Sacha is a man on a mission to rid the web of dog design. His global experience and falling into digital by accident brings a wonderful sense of pragmatism to the team. When he's not saving the world from Comic Sans, he loves to spend time with his wife and two kids, who all confirm that he used to be funny.

  • Essential skills

    Frontiness 80%
    Designy 100%
    Autonomy 80%
    Skill 70%
    Willingness 100%
    Techiness 70%
  • Senior frontend developer

  • Maggie Ray

    Maggie is also from the creative lobe of the Big Mallet hive mind. She decided to transfer her awesome quilt-making skills to the world of website building. Living in Holland, Maggie learnt to write in Dutch before English but the only lingering side effect from her continental upbringing is a penchant for open sandwiches.

  • Essential skills

    Infiltration 60%
    Reliability 90%
    Helpfulness 80%
    Niceness 80%
    Techability 70%
    Dedication 100%
  • Drupal Developer

  • Faith Lowe

    We call Faith our PROject Manager and she comes complete with an awesome American accent. She makes sure our web projects are on track and has become somewhat a master in Active Collab. Before she discovered her talent in Project Management, she studied primary school teaching. Since she moved to the UK, she hasn't taken her foot off the gas - helping businesses within a variety of sectors become super organised.

  • Essential skills

    Persistence 80%
    Focus 100%
    Americanizms 70%
    Active Collab 60%
    Compassion 90%
    Friendliness 80%
  • Project Manager

  • Sonia Roberts

    Sonia is what we call a double code agent. On one hand she is a code machine yet on the other she's a dab hand in Photoshop. This combined with awesome cake making skills and a degree in Mathematics makes it hard to track her marks. She is vital development support for our clients and has a great eye for detail.

  • Essential skills

    Cake makability 80%
    Happiness 90%
    Calmfactor 80%
    Calculationess 70%
    Number love 100%
    Artiness 80%
  • Eimis Karpicius

    Eimis is our cool as a cucumber web developer with a degree in Computer Science. A fast learner and professional team player, it really takes a lot for him to lose his cool. A self-confessed gamer, he has a unique talent for doing impressions and drawing things. With fluency in Lithuanian and Russian, Eimis brings that European charm to the Big Mallet Team. Throw a bad joke at him and he will probably like it.

  • Essential skills

    Problem solving 80%
    Web development 60%
    Professionalism 50%
    Nerd 100%
    Linguistics 90%
    Coffee making 60%
  • Charlotte Marsden

    Char has a bright career path in digital marketing lying ahead of her. She has already accomplished her A-levels in Business, Media, Graphic Design, worked in marketing at an Interior Design Company and is now setting her sights on becoming our social media whizz. When she's not building Drupal web pages, she's taking her golden retriever Willow for a walk.

  • Essential skills

    Communication 70%
    Enthusiasm 90%
    Content management 70%
    Dog love 100%
    Honesty 80%
    Makeup application 90%
  • Natalie Broadbent

    Natalie is our finance guru, she loves Xero, our mobile accounting system, as she can track, poke, and send anything to do with a transaction from a client invoice to an expense. Nat does enjoy the odd triathlon and challenge event, the most memorable being winning a strong man contest against a team of men.

  • Essential skills

    Financeyness 70%
    Xero love 80%
    Payment power 70%
    Countiness 100%
    Sportiness 100%
    Elsalove 90%
  • Gail Bloomfield

    Gail is our associate HR. Our very own people person, she is our life coach and therapist in one. Gail has worked in numerous organisations managing HR at a high level. We are lucky enough to have her skills within the Big Mallet team to take care of our lovely crew.

  • Essential skills

    People love 80%
    Connectability 70%
    Supportiveness 90%
    Calmfactor 80%
    Levelheadedness 100%
    Niceness 90%