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We transform not-for-profit culture with digital brand experiences to meet the changing needs of supporters, donors & key stakeholders to drive compelling digital fundraising results

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Big Mallet have partnered with global leadership consultancy AAW to help charities transition to an ever increasingly networked and digital world, whether that is in the context of income generation, internal and external engagement, people or seeking digital solutions. At the heart of both agencies, we form an alliance that drives strategic and operational problem-solving for the not-for-profit sector and help deliver digital transformation both in the UK and worldwide.

Insight Workshop

A deep dive technical analysis and review into where your organisation has been in terms of its digital footprint, where you are now and where you could go in the future.


Inspire Workshop

Gives digital leaders the space to step out of the operational realm for a short while, to learn and share compelling digital visions for change, driving successful measurable results.


Ignite Workshop

We bring your teams and departments together in one session for a shared, united digital journey with the goal of producing specific outcomes which can support a five-year strategy.


Implement Workshop

We can help you ensure that you get the digital results that you want and give you support to meet key targets year on year. We also provide the digital solutions and infrastructure that achieve this.


They are working with us on a digital engagement pathway which they helped to create, which will equip and empower

Danny Wear | Head of Digital, Shelterbox UK

Core services

Leadership Team Workshops

Working with your management and leadership teams to unlock organisational discussion, direction and digital transformation strategy.

Digital Strategy

Working with you and your organisational objectives to form a clear digital roadmap.

Sustainable Digital Growth

Cultivating digital relationships to be more of permanence than a one-time effect. Using technology to bridge divisions to create a sustainable digital ecosystem.

Steven Ramsay

Steven is CEO & Digital Lead for Big Mallet, with over 20 years' experience in creating global brands and launching web services in Europe. Raising millions through digital fundraising and product deployment.


Tobin Aldrich

Tobin is Consultancy Director for Big Mallet, bringing a wealth of experience of fundraising and non-profit marketing, having worked with over 70 non-profits in 30 countries.


Imogen Ward

Imogen is Strategy Director at Big Mallet & has worked in top leadership roles in the conservation, health and education sector for over 20 years.


Charlotte Marsden

Char works with clients to leverage their digital marketing & content needs to gain new supporters, track
behaviour, and set clear KPIs to encourage a results-driven culture.


Sonia Waters

Sonia has worked at an International Charity and understands the digital & cultural challenges clients face. She is an expert in the development & programming of complex digital infrastructures.


Claire Bardner

Claire has considerable brand, proposition, product development and media experience in both PR & channel marketing and is a Senior Consultant to Big Mallet.