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Data Insights Workshop

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We want to empower your team to champion an audience-insight driven approach to grow their channels and engagement. We want you to build a loyal base of influencers producing social content to enhance your digital community.

Whether the construction of a digital dashboard or the creation of data capture points across your channels, we will work with you to define your data learning approach and specify how best we serve a digital strategy that is enhanced by those learnings.

We want to transform the way your organisation uses digital data. Ensuring you make data-driven decisions based around the latest in global movements, trends and credible research.

We will show you case studies and practical examples of how to collect, process and present data in dashboard form to teams, managers and senior leadership, and how to drive change throughout your organisation.

We will share techniques and training on how you and your team can build the business case for further investment into digital. We will identify the core issues and challenges you face on the road map ahead.

We would look at financial and optimal implementation options from things like Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) that can be tested and validated rapidly or leverage a third-party API that can deliver core functionality out of the box. We want to encourage your team to embody fast failure to allow you to take a shotgun approach to digital innovation and research projects driven by your data insights. Developing creative ideas that can drive change and be released speedily onto your website or digital channels to test with your key audiences.

Prior to each workshop and working with you we will carry out a digital audit of your strategic needs; where your organisation has been in terms of its digital footprint, where you are now and where you could go in the future. This will inform the agenda and the outcomes for the workshop where we will custom build your workshop experience for you and your key internal stakeholders.

If you would like to know more about how our digital workshop experience could empower you and your charity to deliver digital fundraising success and measurable supporter growth then get started today.

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