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Digital Content Workshop

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Recently we have seen the merger of content marketing and marketing funnels, with charities putting more emphasis on creating content that directly links to a conversion page in their supporter’s journey.

With the onset of artificial intelligence, we see a key area of growth is the personalisation of the digital journey. The deep and rich changes that are ever changing in the user journey are set to improve every stage of the user experience. We will explore both the key trends in content marketing and ensure your content strategy is future proofed for the years ahead so that you have a sustainable content framework that can be built upon and manipulated easily by digital administrators.

In this workshop, you will learn how your digital content is not left behind. Together we’ll explore some of the key content strategies and their core deliverables that digital and social media managers need to look out for and share our advice for setting yourself up for digital content success.

Our unique approach to digital content will equip you with the knowledge to build a calendar of content for your main website and associated social channels. We will teach you how to get into the minds of your supporters and understand the best way to connect with them. Understanding how different digital content formats and frameworks can influence engagement and why creating unique digital experiences is key in a competitive environment.

You will learn how to position the truth and integrity of your mission and your charity. Inspiring people to join your cause. Learn the techniques and skill to move your audience greatly, both emotionally and to action.

In this workshop we will equip you with a content approach that you can use to open hearts, minds and wallets.

Prior to each workshop and working with you we will carry out a digital audit of your strategic needs; where your organisation has been in terms of its digital footprint, where you are now and where you could go in the future. This will inform the agenda and the outcomes for the workshop where we will custom build your workshop experience for you and your key internal stakeholders.

If you would like to know more about how our digital workshop experience could empower you and your charity to deliver digital fundraising success and measurable supporter growth then get started today.

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