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Facebook Campaign Workshop

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We want to accelerate your Facebook campaign; from using Facebook advertising to recruit new supporters to drive significant increases in donations, and/or mobilise supporters to influence their networks through local activism.

In this workshop, you and your team will learn how to use Facebook ads and to rapidly and cost-effectively grow supporter bases and run effective email fundraising programmes.

Using Facebook ads can be a cost-friendly way to expand the reach of your charity. We can work with you even if you have a small number of followers. You will only pay for the cost per click (CPC) received by your ad, so if targeting and positioning is in line with your campaign objectives this can be very effective for conversion.

This workshop provides social creative and inspiration and is an accessible easy entry into the fundraising potential of Facebook ads. We will teach you how to use the ‘Custom Audience’ tool to target a specific set of Facebook users and direct your ads towards their unique needs.

Facebook users have over 1000 items in their News Feed. All these elements are working against each other to pull the user's attention. This amount goes even higher for some users therefore creating relevant content is crucial to capture engagement. We want to teach you ways to target your specific audiences with creative content that encourages a community to build around your brand and following.

Prior to each workshop and working with you we will carry out a digital audit of your strategic needs; where your organisation has been in terms of its digital footprint, where you are now and where you could go in the future. This will inform the agenda and the outcomes for the workshop where we will custom build your workshop experience for you and your key internal stakeholders.

If you would like to know more about how our digital workshop experience could empower you and your charity to deliver digital fundraising success and measurable supporter growth then get started today.

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