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UX & Conversion Workshop

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We want to ensure all of your supporters and beneficiaries have a beautiful, seamless, and impactful experience through your website. This is something that is strived for by many people and in most cases poses a multitude of challenges.

As a result, not-for-profit websites can lack clarity of vision and mission, create user journeys that are deprived of emotion, and funnel supporters into a donation ask which is ambiguous. These poor experiences could be costing your charity considerable lost donation income every single day.

Using our custom workshop experience we are able to identify your specific areas that are personalised and unique to your charity and unpack their digital potential and reach. This will both raise the standards of your website across all key areas such as accessibility and performance and in turn maximise the engagement of your supporters, donors and beneficiaries on a united, satisfying, digital interface.

For many of us, our daily engagement with digital activities is so much a natural part of our existence and we recognise that internally it is easy to allow your organisations interactions to become linear. In this workshop, we want to identify the 3D messaging that needs to take place in and around your audience in order to support a clear case for giving.

We want to identify, understand and harness the correct tone of voice, language, and look and feel that can speak to a donor in the right place, at the right time, in the right mindset.

Prior to each workshop and working with you we will carry out a digital audit of your strategic needs; where your organisation has been in terms of its digital footprint, where you are now and where you could go in the future. This will inform the agenda and the outcomes for the workshop where we will custom build your workshop experience for you and your key internal stakeholders.

If you would like to know more about how our digital workshop experience could empower you and your charity to deliver digital fundraising success and measurable supporter growth then get started today.

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